Thursday, September 26, 2013

This blog is dedicated to the AX 2210N 1000Kv brusless RC motor. I have used this motor in my quadcopter project. And I'm using it on my Y6-copter project. Currently I'm benchmarking this motor with different prop sizes. As it's becomming a huge amount of data and graphs I decided to create an entire new and dedicated blog for these motor tests.

This motor is created to deliver a maximum performance with 9 inch props connected to a 3 cell lipo battery.

Benchmark from HK:
GWS9050 @3S
Max Amp: 11.2A
RPM/Min: 8700
Thrust: 740g

As I'm using this motor in multirotor projects. I'm not interested in maximum proformance. This blog is created to find the maximum efficiency at hover values for this motor . As soon as my benchmarks will be published you'll notice that the tests, values, graph will not run until maximum performance for the specific tested setup (motor+prop+lipo).

When you use this motor in a multirotor project (quad/hex/...) you should always keep in mind that your total combined thrust must be 2 times greater then the total weight of your multirotor. This motor delevers max ~ 700gr thrust when using it in a save way.  And that means that when your mulirotor is at hover is should max need 350gr thrust per motor. So if you use this motor for a quad than the total weight of your quad should be < 4 x 350 (1400). For my current Y6-copter project I only need 233 gram of thrust (1400gr weight / 6 motors).


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